SHL® – Virus blocker

Apply To: Livestock and poultry
Ingredients: Huangqin(Scutellaria baicalensis),Jinyinhua(honeysuckle), Lianqiao (forsythia) 1:1:2
Type: Anti-inflammatories
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Package: 25 kg per drum
Storage: Cool Dry Place
Product Advantage: Specializing In The Treatment Of Various Viral Diseases, Brooder Pneumonia.

Functional Indications of SHL oral liquid:
1.Pericardial effusion and peritoneal effusion.
2. The liver is swollen and hyperemic, with a deep purple or yellow-red color, brittle texture, and a large number of scattered needle tips or millet-sized necrotic foci on the surface.
3. Renal enlargement, pale or dark yellow or white urate deposits; intestinal bleeding, heartburn, epicardial, glandular stomach, muscular stomach, glandular stomach and muscular stomach, there are bleeding points and bleeding spots.
4. The nasal cavity and trachea showed catarrhal inflammation, lung stasis, edema or bleeding. Occasionally, the spleen was swollen and had gray-white necrosis.
5. Lung congestion and edema, dark appearance, difficulty breathing, shaking the head, mucus accumulation in the mouth, sneezing, stuffy nose, cough and other symptoms. (Have obviously effect on Brooder Pneumonia)
6. Decreased appetite, loose feathers, necking, weakness in legs, and paralysis.
7. Discharging white, red, green, and black dung.
8. Nerve pathology such as emptying legs, turning circles or leaning back